Communications X-Ray

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If you have a need to review your organization’s communications department’s true knowledge and skill levels, the Communications X-Ray is the right service for you. With qualitative interviews we investigate the skill level of those responsible for communications and compare them to today’s demands. Our service is particularly well suited also for managers, whose job description includes communication as well.


The service offers valuable information of your communications

The service can also be used to clarify what is the status and role of your organization’s communications, internally as well as externally. You will also receive valuable information on how communications in your organization is managed and how it should be lead.

The X-Ray helps you get researched data on at what level, role or level of efficiency the communications in your organization is, compared to communications of other similar organizations. The Communications X-Ray provides a complete picture of your organization’s communications at that time.

Qualitative interviews in the screening can be scored

Our tool ensures the numerical measurement communication, due to the use of our scorecard which is based on a quality score. Our method is based on methodology, which has been developed by communications research.
The Communications X-Ray’s scoring is always based on the personal interviews given by your organization’s members. These interviews are based on a structured interview, with a predetermined interview framework. The interview questions take into account the different aspects of organizational communication.

Communications bottlenecks and strengths are identified with objective findings

The interview answers are scored using a qualitative scoring tool after which a perceptive diagram can be  drawn of desired communication areas.
The results indicate what works in your communications, where there is room for improvement and what matters are so-called below the critical limit and require immediate action. The results can also help ensure you that your view on how the organization’s communications and its effectiveness should be developed further is on the right track.

What kind of organization can benefit from the Communications X-Ray?

The X-Ray tool is suitable for both internal communications as well as external stakeholder communications. You can also use the tool electronically, which suits the needs organizations with several office locations well.

Are your communications resources are directed effectively?

With the results of the Communications X-Ray you can be ensured that the right people are working in the communications areas that are most suited to them. This information also allows you to better predict future necessary communications resources. Simultaneously you can be confirmed of what additional resources are needed for your organization.
The internal atmosphere of your organization will also improve, when the communications department has the time and capabilities to contribute to the whole of the working environment in the most efficient way possible. Effective communications supports all staff and builds your organization to be a desired place to work at.

  • The results help you to plan for future communications resources and prevent unnecessary communication gaps from occurring.
  • Ensure that you have the right people working in the right places.
  • The internal atmosphere of your organization is improved when communications is in line with expectations.