Digiräätäli digiviestinnän päivitys

Digital communication has risen next to traditional communication to become an important part of everyday communications activities. In the fragmented media landscape it is vital to your organization that you communicate as naturally and fluently on the web as well as elsewhere.


DigiTailor takes into account the roles and cultures of different channels

With comprehensive communication, which takes into account the differing roles and cultures of different channels, your organization can ensure that you are reaching your audiences where discussions take place. The DigiTailor service helps you to communicate on social media and on the web with different audiences naturally and successfully.

Our digital services include for example:

  • social media strategies, trainings and planning
  • managing website update projects, and project management
  • maintenance of websites
  • analytics monitoring and measurement of digital communications goals
  • search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) management
  • blog cooperation and blogger relations
  • newsletters and other digital mailings

You get digital communication around the clock or when you need it

We can partake in the strategic planning and implementation of digital communications as a project, for example around an event. We have lots of experience from projects in creating and implementing social media publishing plans and live media plans.

On the other hand, we can also be a part of your organization’s everyday digital communications. We can agree to be responsible to monitor and react on social media on your behalf. With some of our clients we also arrange monthly digital groups, focused on digital communications topics.

DigiTailor can be fitted to be a part of all your communication

Like a well fitted suit, it is important that our DigiTailor service fits your organization’s character and structure. With the service we fit digital communication to be a part of your organization’s communications as a whole.

Together we examine your organization’s digital communications needs and construct a fitting ensemble. This way you can be sure that your digital communication is intentional and you don’t have to pay for unnecessary activities which aren’t relevant to you.

  • You pay for the services you only need.
  • You can raise your digital communications to be a part of your other communication.
  • You can reach audiences that you might not normally reach anywhere else.