Reputation Analysis

Brunnen palvelu Julkisuusanalyysi

Reputation Analysis is a unique service which helps you to identify topics discussed in public, which affect your organization’s reputation. We analyze the themes of public debate, which are critical to your business and affect your organization’s reputation. We also asses the intensity, the leaders and the direction of the of the public debate.


The traditional target group based approach no longer works

Have you wondered how inefficient traditional stakeholder thinking is? Sending out content to channels that you have predetermined.

This model has a problematic aspect: you miss out of the discussions that take place in public, they take place with or without you. Not to mention the audiences who follow these discussions. We believe that we can talk about reputation risks, if the organization hasn’t identified and isn’t involved in these important public discussions.

Do you want to build a modern communications strategy?

Brunnen’s Reputation Analysis is the answer to those who want to be influential at the right time in the right public discussion arenas. Our service is also the best way to build a transparent and interactive dialogue with your critical audiences.

The Reputation Analysis is a unmatched service for reputation management. Your base for communications is at a secure level, when you have identified the strongest and riskiest topics of discussion. The analysis results can be directly used for planning of an interactive communication strategy or plan.

Build a leading role in public debate and avoid reputation pitfalls

The Reputation Analysis provides you with the building blocks for discussion leadership in public debate. Our service helps you to identify how you should take a stand on different discussion topics. This allows you to find themes, of which your audiences are guaranteed to be interested in and help you build more interesting core messages and stories.

The results are based communications research

The service consists of two phases. First Brunnen identifies relevant topics through in-depth interviews among other methods. Then investigation of discussions around the topics is carried out. For this we use a content analysis tool developed by Brunnen, which provides you with a unique view of opportunities for your communications to be more visible and audible to relevant audiences.

You most certainly have views on what you would like to discuss right now. But do you know the topics which you would less like to discuss, but critical audiences to you are discussing anyway? The Reputation Analysis helps you with this.

  • Recognize the places to build a role of leadership in public debate.
  • You have a basis to developing an interactive communication strategy or plan.
  • You'll find themes that interest your audiences and can build on for more interesting core messages and stories.