Success to Stories

Brunnenin palvelu tarinatyöpaja

Success to Stories is a service which helps you to get away from dry facts. The service is a response to the massive information overflow against which we all fight 24/7. Studies have shown that a person can remember about 3-5 facts at a time, and they aren’t always remembered for longer periods of time. If you want to make a long-lasting impression forget tedious numeral listings and focus on meaningful stories, which make the biggest impact and are memorable.


Facilitating workshop at the heart of the service

Success to stories is Brunnen’s workshop focused on storytelling. We coach you to identify the elements of a good story. The workshop helps you to identify how you can bring out your organization’s and staff’s personality to stories. You will gain several practical tools which can help you form memorable speeches, blog posts, case references, articles, and presentations effectively.

The Success to Stories workshop consists of several facilitating phases. The workshop consists of us working together and independently. The objective of the workshop is to gather stories from your organization. And most importantly, we practice the utilization of these stories in suitable situations which are important to you. After the workshop you question traditional ways of writing, and for example how you execute and draft video scripts. You will learn a different and confident way to be influential, which is aimed at creating a genuine emotional bond instead of listing exhausting product characteristics.

Who is the Success to Stories -workshop suited for?

Finding stories can often be difficult, because only few are able to recognize the characteristics of a successful story. Sometimes a good story can be rather self-evident to oneself, but a great experience to the listener. Sometimes a great story might need more time to be found or it might need help be molded into a more striking form.

The workshop is suitable to you who wants to describe your products and services in a memorable way. The Success to Stories service has been popular with those clients, who have wanted to take a new approach to speeches, presentations and texts. Several product centered organizations have gained support from the workshop for the planning and implementation of communications. The commonly adopted way of communicating is often a mere listing of the product characteristics rather than communicating about the product through stories.

Do you tell stories or “stories”?

In our experience many claim to tell stories. And almost as many claim that the stories in their organization are utilized to support marketing and sales. We claim to disagree, because very few people are actually able to tell stories that are significant. The Success to Stories workshop will provide you with ready to use tools for a more influential form of communication.

  • You will gain more ways to tell about your services in a memorable way.
  • You will learn to recognize a really good business story.
  • You create topics which will help you make content production and marketing planning more effective.