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Even if a good start is half the work, that other half, delivery, still has to be done. The world is full of content that competes for people’s attention and time. That’s why we recommend creating less content, but of a high quality and targeted well. With us as a communication partner, you can be sure that your communications are properly targeted and yield results.

Organizations and companies are often so close to their own issues that they are unable to see them from other perspectives. That’s why an external communication partner’s role is so important. We’re able to ask the essential questions and time the delivery of communications to avoid making choices too early that later turn out not to yield results. In other words, we save our clients time and money by directing communications in the right direction.

We are specialists in B2B communications. We are able to package complicated technical matters in a way that clients understand what value they are being offered. When we help research institutes, companies and advocacy bodies express themselves, decision-makers, the media and the wider public can immediately understand the core message, even if they are not qualified engineers or administrators.

We have excellent communication planning skills and strong writers in-house, while for graphic expertise, we turn to our partner network. According to the Taloustutkimus 2019 national image survey, we are the best agency in our field at understanding our clients’ sectors. We rated second in understanding of clients’ business, as well as in listening to clients and problem-solving. This is made possible by long-term partnership. If we didn’t have or nurture these skills, it would be difficult to plan the communications and produce the content that serve our clients’ needs.

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Merja Karjanmaa

Merja Karjanmaa

Communications Consultant, M.A

+358 50 357 9286

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