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Content marketing

The competition for people’s time and attention is constantly getting tougher. If you want to succeed in that competition, the starting point for all your marketing and communication must be good, relevant content. Without customer-centric, segmented and multi-channel content, the effect of your message will be negligible.

Before you start producing content, you have to truly understand your customer and customer types and identify the typical customer path. Only when you have attained understanding about your customers can you create a content strategy which you can use to create targeted, impactful content.

One of our strengths is our knowledge of companies’ sectors and competence in creating impactful content. We help you clarify your customers’ needs and to direct them towards your services. We work out how you can address and meet your customers convincingly. We are skilled at aiming and crystallizing messages for the right people, with the right tone and method, and in the right channel at the right time.

Multi-channel content production

With a good content plan we help you package and personalize your message in multiple channels. You cannot duplicate the same content in all channels, but you can send the same message across multiple channels. We take the specifics of each channel into account and help you amplify your voice, so people pay attention to your message.

We find you the best methods for content sharing. We reinforce your message in both digital and print channels, whether that’s a website, social media, Google marketing, brochures, publications, ad campaigns or banners. And that’s not all: we help you track the impact of your content and find even more effective ways to get your message across.

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Merja Karjanmaa

Merja Karjanmaa

Communications Consultant, M.A

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