Core Message Bootcamp

Ydiviesti Bootcamp Brunnen palvelu

In the Core Message Bootcamp, we train your staff to speak the same language. We summarize the common message with various facilitating methods. Afterwards every member of your organization is able to tell about your business and services in a uniform way.


The Core Message Bootcamp is a powerful and compact workshop

The workshop can take 8-10 participants at a time. The scope of the workshop depends on the agreed length; it can range from half a day to a whole day.

The Core Message Bootcamp consists of a range of facilitating exercises. For example, the exercises may include writing, presentations or small group work.

The workshop is usually led by two experts from Brunnen. As the service name suggests, our experts work as a personal trainer or facilitator for the workshop. Therefore, we guide and support your staff to draw from their own knowledge and understanding to create a clear and concise core message.

Who can benefit from the service?

The service can be customized to suit for example only sales personnel. This way all sales personnel are able to present your organization’s activities, services and products consistently to different clients. You can be ensured that your business is presented everywhere in the same way.

In addition to sales we can target the service towards the work environment, which help strengthen the formation of a common language as well as organizational culture. Also at trade fairs or other events your staff should have a common way to tell about your organization and its unique services.

The Core Message Bootcamp can also be utilized as a useful addition for the management team. For example, after reforming your strategy it can be useful to utilize the Bootcamp to clarify the message for communicating your new objectives to the rest of the organization.

Utilize the core message as a baseline for everything

The core message that is formed with the service isn’t disposable, because you can use it for various purposes. The core message is intended to serve as a basis for all communication, marketing, sales and representation.

With the utilization of the common message all the texts, presentations and materials are easy to align to be uniform. You can take advantage of the core message for example when practicing elevator speeches or even as the footer text for press releases.

Convey a clear picture of your organization anytime and anywhere

The Core Message Bootcamp helps reduce misunderstandings and conflicts based on misperceptions of your organization.

The participants commit to the message, because they themselves have been able to influence the outcome. At the same time, people are able to tell a consistent message of your organization to others. And most importantly, everyone is able to showcase your organization in all situations.

  • You avoid misunderstandings and contradictions in the way how your organization communicates.
  • Your troops create a coherent picture of what you are doing.
  • Everyone knows how to present your organization in any situation.