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Digital communications

Because the digital environment lives and changes constantly, our service is also flexible. We tailor our broad service offering to give you a perfect package to match your digital communication needs. That ensures your digital communications fit their purpose and that you don’t pay for irrelevant, unnecessary actions. You can flexibly expand and reduce your organization’s digital communication needs.

A good social media content plan helps you manage your digital communications. We create an easily trackable digital communication plan for your organization. We help you with search engine optimization (SEO) for your content and ensure that it is properly optimized. We think about the best way to use social media in your communication and marketing and create targeted digital campaigns. We constantly track the success of your digital communication. We measure and regularly report on the outcomes of our work. 

Mastering digital with some easy steps

We can be involved in the strategic planning of digital communications and in implementing it on a project basis, such as for events. Conversely, we can be a part of your organization’s entire daily digital communication. We can monitor and react to the social media environment for you. With some clients, we meet and run digital communication-focused group discussion as often as every month. We also have strong expertise in website redesign project management, newsletters and blog collaboration. We create memorable content and also work with bloggers.

At our social media training sessions we help you get started in the digital world and give you the encouragement to become a digital communication pro. We guide organizations and their experts to become social media wizards, always giving them the most up-to-date views on current trends.

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Merja Karjanmaa

Communications Consultant, M.A

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