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We make your marketing communications planned, predictive and productive. Marketing campaigns and recruitment communications are effective when they are done with foresight.

Even if a clear and simple marketing communication plan is the cornerstone of your annual strategy, you cannot and should not predict everything. You also have to be able to live in the moment and seize opportunities. A monthly content plan allows your content production to be effective yet flexible in all situations. It ensures both longer-term predictability and fast, responsive action. 

If your content production or marketing communication needs change, we can provide the optimal level of communication services. So whether you want to outsource all your marketing communication, draw up a marketing plan, run a recruitment campaign or create content on a regular basis, get in touch. We’ll be delighted to help. 

We are particularly skilled in B2B marketing communications. Do your clients already like your company? Is it time to work with us to make yourself well known?

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Terttu Sopanen

Terttu Sopanen

Senior Consultant, M.Sc. (Econ.)

+358 40 334 1202

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