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A bold spokesperson adds a breath of fresh air to the real estate market

Communication partnership: Habita & Brunnen
Brunnen has been the communication partner of Finland’s largest independent real estate agency, Habita, for eight years. Since the beginning, the partnership has been characterized by 100% transparency and trust in succeeding together.

The real estate market is also keenly followed by the media. Interest rates, real estate prices and consumers’ changing needs are often in the news. However, many of the stories just recite well-worn perspectives and offer little practical help to prospective sellers and buyers. Habita saw an opportunity.

“Rising to the position of a valued spokesperson in the eyes of the media takes months if not years. It takes determination and the ability to make bold decisions under pressure and check facts quickly. We have also learned that topics that we consider fascinating are not always appreciated by readers. Brunnen knows how the media operates and understands our business, which has facilitated this dialogue tremendously,” says Habita’s Managing Director Mika Pärssinen.

Habita has become a sought-after expert on market forecasts and trends in home prices. Habita is known not only for its steadfast relationship with the media but also its sharp opinions.

Insight based on extensive data

“Every statement we release is designed to make it easier for consumers to make the right choices. After all, buying a home is likely to be the biggest purchase you ever make. The fact that we are not affiliated with any bank is a huge bonus for us. It gives us the ability to provide advice based on extensive and impartial data and our knowledgeable observations about consumer behavior,” Pärssinen explains.

As well as building a relationship with the media, Brunnen has helped Habita with employee relations, leadership and change communication. The effect of the coronavirus pandemic on open-house viewings and consumers’ sense of safety required timely communication and clear instructions from real estate agents. Habita has offices in 23 towns and cities across Finland, from Turku to Kittilä.

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