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Are you responsible for project communication? You can significantly improve the conditions for the success of a project through systematic project communication. Successful project communication requires a common vision of the project’s life cycle, that is, all phases of the project and its critical communication points.

The more demanding and extensive the project, the more relevant open and active communication is. Large-scale infrastructure projects, with their licensing phases, are often years or even a decade long. The key to a successful project is properly planned and timed communication. Communication can make or break your project.

A prerequisite for successful project communication is to identify the stakeholders influencing the project and to understand their motives. In addition, you have to build regular dialogue as desired by each of your stakeholders.

Brunnen’s unique expertise in project communication will change the working culture of your entire organization. Project communication becomes an integral part of the work of your project managers. Your common understanding will be strengthened and the phases essential for the success of the project, the stakeholders and the most important communication steps will become visible. With these elements, you build a solid communication plan for the entire life cycle of your project!

Strategic specification

Project communication workshop

Project communication handbook

Implementation of project communication

Strategic specification

Do you and your organization have a common understanding of the project’s life cycle phases? Is your new project manager clear about the most important communication points and key stakeholders for the success of the project? Do you recognize the motives of individuals and groups influencing the project to support or oppose the project?

Whether it is a demanding infrastructure project or a frequently recurring smaller built environment project, life cycle and communication modelling greatly increases the project’s chances of success.

In the words of our client: “We were able to create a common understanding for the entire organization about the most critical communication points and stakeholders for the success of the project. We did not have such a unified overall picture before. The common concept has a significant impact on our organizational culture and our way to work on different stages of the project.”


  • Modelling of the project’s life cycle
  • Modelling of project communication
  • Stakeholder identification

Project communication workshop

Are the strengths and best practices of project communication available to everyone? Are you aware of pitfalls and areas for development? Do all your project managers have sufficient communication tools and expertise? Will the project stay on track from start to finish or will the situation awareness falter as the project moves to a new phase and the project manager changes?

If project communication needs sparring or development, the Project Communications Workshop will help you get on track. In the workshop, you will gain a common understanding of the status of your project communication – strengths and areas for development.

The situation becomes clearer, and you get good practices and tools already in use throughout the organization. The roles and responsibilities of communication become clearer. The Project Communication Pitfalls training session helps you to identify the most common misconceptions and mistakes in project communication and brings more effectiveness to your project communication.

Project communication handbook

Has your organization’s project communication toolkit been inventoried, and the best tools selected and updated? Or do different communication models, instructions and materials roam freely? Are project managers wasting time searching for communication materials in their email?

With the help of the project communication manual, your communication will become proactive, solid and influential. The handbook brings together the most important operating models and communication instructions for project communication. It allows your project communication to remain consistent and the brand clear regardless of the communicator.

The project communication manual also provides your new employee with the readiness to communicate to the public, the media and other stakeholders smoothly and in accordance with common guidelines.

Implementation of project communication

Do you need additional hands to implement project communication? If you need help to support project managers in media communication, dialogue between residents or municipal decision-makers in the area, or in a difficult crisis situation, we will be happy to help. From us, you get reliable support for individual situations and longer cooperation.

We assist you in the implementation of project communication, both in an acute communication need and as an outsourced communication unit. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the built environment, municipal decision-making and government agency practices. The media in the field is also a familiar and trusted partner for us.

We know how to challenge you in how to make your communication even more influential: the common goal is always to confirm the conditions for the success of the project. Whether your needs are small or big, we will give you the best expertise to support your project.

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Terttu Sopanen

Terttu Sopanen

Leading Communications Consultant, M.Sc. (Econ.)

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