Brunnen – effective communication with the best price-quality ratio in the country

Communication can work wonders, and if skilled colleagues and I are not the ones who work them, then who? That’s what our Managing Director, Taru Nikulainen, thought, and that’s how Brunnen began. In eight years the team has changed and expanded, but what’s stayed the same is our deep communication expertise and our desire to make our clients shine.

The company needed a strong but easily memorable name – a word that at least some clients would recognize. Because Finland was full of English company names, Taru, a Germanist, turned her attention to another important global language, German. 

Brunnen is the German for fountain. If you look at German place names, parks and squares, you cannot fail to notice the numerous fountains containing the word, such as Kaiserbrunnen, Hellbrunnen and Neptunusbrunnen.

A fountain symbolizes everything we do: we draw new ideas from bubbling, sparkling water and present them for you to use. We make your organization bloom, because we believe in the power of stories, in good content and in measuring communication. Our goal is to help you be more influential and profitable.

Global operations, every day

We are the only Finnish PR agency that is a member of the CommWorld international communications network. Intensive meetings are held twice a year, in addition to which we talk to agencies in other countries every week. We also look after shared accounts and make sure that each client’s PR and marketing are being done profitably. 

A client may also consider expanding to Finland. In that case we operate as the client’s local PR agency. CommWorld does not bind us to anything, though: we can also take on independent assignments and choose our partners in individual countries as we need to. The network gives us new ideas and word of the hottest global trends. With CommWorld we are able to stay alert and a step ahead of the crowd.

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