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Strengthening Borealis’ business through strategic communication

Borealis is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced and sustainable polyolefin solutions. In Europe, Borealis is also an innovative leader in polyolefins recycling and a major producer of base chemicals.

Construction management consultancy HTJ steps its communication up a gear

HTJ – one of Finland's leading construction management companies – was looking for a communications partner to strengthen its corporate and employer image. Brunnen was chosen to partner with HTJ because of its strong understanding of the built environment.

Stakeholder-oriented project communication brought manageability to wind power projects

OX2, one of the Europe’s leading developers of renewable energy sources chose Brunnen as its partner in Finland almost five years ago. Our common goal was to create optimal conditions for the success of wind power projects. Strategic communication and stakeholder expectation management were harnessed at the heart of the infrastructure projects.

Health technology developer decided to attract new talent by building better visibility and stronger brand

Varian is a major player in Finland’s software development market. When the company partnered up with Brunnen at the start of 2019, its priority was to recruit new talent. The team of 250 professionals was looking to grow by 40 new experts.

Urbaser achieved its goals through determined communication

Environmental management company Urbaser Oy and Brunnen teamed up a couple of years back. A strong strategic partnership in communication and systematic brand visibility efforts have assisted Urbaser in achieving its revenue goals.

A bold spokesperson adds a breath of fresh air to the real estate market

Communication partnership: Habita & Brunnen Brunnen has been the communication partner of Finland’s largest independent real estate agency, Habita, for eight years. Since the beginning, the partnership has been characterized by 100% transparency and trust in succeeding together.

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