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Do you stand out clearly enough for your customers? Your brand is the basis for a person committing to being a member of your association, a customer choosing your company and a job seeker approaching you. A brand is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. It is an investment that needs to be built with expertise.

Gone are the days when a mere product or technological innovation bore fruit. A brand is a way to ensure that your innovation gets on the procurement list and that it’s your company that is chosen to build the post-pandemic world. It is very important in a world that is partly digitizing and that partly demands face-to-face encounters.

Brand is a way to act and face. It’s the tone of voice you market on social media – it’s the way you engage new employees. As a result of a strong brand, your customers and employees can form personal relationships with your organization, service, or product. The ones with which you ensure your success.

Brand strategy

Marketing communication

Brand strategy

A brand strategy creates guidelines and your very own way to stand out in your industry. It is based on your organization’s strategy, and it is built together from the inside out. As much as your organization needs to stand out for customers, it needs to engage those who encounter your customers.

Brand strategy is the compass of your uniqueness and the navigator of your marketing plan. We refine your uniqueness using the efficient Brunnen process, working closely with you and listening to your operating environment, customer needs and strengths.

Creating a brand strategy at its best involves every level of your organization to reflect on your uniqueness. Strategy is a recorded crystallization of insights: unique competitive advantage, promise, story, attributes, and brand personality. For these, you build your marketing communication and your ways to act, appear and interact.


  • Content strategic guidelines: we identify the most relevant channels for your customer segments and their special features. Based on your brand, we will create inspiring content types for each channel.

Marketing communication

Do you want new leads, employees, or to connect with decision makers? We help you to set concrete goals for your marketing communication. We identify and define your target audience and their needs. We will find the right ways and channels to reach your customers.

Effective marketing communication needs concrete goals and metrics. Based on them, we identify and define the most relevant customer profiles and their needs.

Only then will we choose the tools and channels for your content. With targeted progress, we work together to turn images, text, videos, blogs, company blogs, vlogs, brochures, infographs, social media campaigns and presentations into measurable value for your customers.

With Brunnen, you get planned, proactive and productive marketing communication.


  • Brand presence in channels: We consider the specifics of each channel and help you amplify your voice so that your target audience encounters a consistently visible brand.
  • Strategic campaigns: we implement a campaign based on strategic goals which will support your marketing goals.
  • Content marketing: With a good content plan, we help you personalize your message to stand out and inspire.

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