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Reputation is an organization’s most valuable intangible capital, and strengthening it requires long-term management and communication. All members of the organization and their actions contribute to building its reputation. Even one false or inconsiderate comment in public can drive a company’s reputation into a situation that only recovers through open and active communication.

It is important for every organization to be prepared for crisis communication. Once different risk scenarios have been identified, communication models for difficult and unexpected situations can be built. Most unexpected situations do not develop into crises and never go public because their communication has been planned and managed from the very beginning.

Reputation is never built by chance and cannot be created through campaigns. All the company’s activities shape audiences’ attitude towards the organization. A reputable company gets the best employees and copes better even in crisis. Reputation is primarily everyday actions: responsible, genuine, and strategically well-chosen. Communication binds everything together so people understand and approve of the company’s story and operations — and are even inspired by them.

Media communication

Media and communication training

Situation overview and PR impact

Media communication

When aiming to strengthen your company image or reputation, you need well-planned media communication to help you. It is not common to make a successful public appearance, at least not many times. Solid and strategic publicity in the media is usually the result of considered and long-term work.

Media communication starts with good planning. This is the only way the media can be served from the beginning in the way it expects. We define the main messages and the target with you: what is being aimed at, and why?

With us, a clear message will remain in your mind and you will learn to understand the media and its expectations. You will develop yourself as a confident influencer and form active relations with journalists. We know the media and journalists’ preferences and schedules.

We understand their needs and that is why we are also considered a trusted media partner. Our tools are communication plans, news tips, editorial meetings, opinion pieces, stories and articles, media releases and events. In addition to verbal influence, we do content production — in other words, a lot of writing.


  • Media relations
  • A plan for media communication

Media and communication training

Are you uncertain how to talk to the media? How do you make sure an interview goes smoothly? Would performance coaching be necessary for the entire management? Do you want the media to recognize you from other spokespersons in your field?

Many of us find speaking in front of a journalist or a big audience nerve-wracking, which is only natural. However, you can learn to combat excessive tension or stress. Every good speaker has done several rehearsals and countless repetitions before getting on stage. Good preparation will help you focus on what you want to say and less on the individual words. When the mind is clear and relaxed, the words will follow.

Specialists regularly interviewed by the media who have ended up as spokespersons by chance are rare. There is usually long-term cooperation in the background, as well as regular preparation for various interviews and discussions. Someone once said that there are no hard things, there are just hard ways to express them. In our coaching, we will train you to be a confident performer with sharp messages to give to the media.

Situation overview and PR impact

Communication departments have famously large workloads. The organization always expects more, and communication competes with the budgets of other businesses. At the same time, the management team and the board expect to prove the value of communication, which should be viewed in the same way as the value of other functions in the organization. Without an accurate situation overview of communication, it is difficult to develop communication, let alone ensure its influence. We help you make influential communication.

An organization can have up to dozens of strategic goals at the same time. The requirement that communication should or could contribute to each goal equally is impossible. It is also common for communication to be considered an operational provider of ready-made communication solutions to order. In this way, the organization does not receive influential communication and communication remains an operational hassle.

We can help. We will form an accurate situation overview with you and choose from the strategic goals of your organization those that communication can do the most to bring to fruition. Around these, we build metrics for communication influence to help you eliminate unnecessary and burdensome work. When you focus on strategically relevant and measurable action, you are simultaneously justifying the value of communication and steering your organization in the right strategic direction.


  • Publicity analysis: you will see who is discussing strategic themes that are important to you and how well your organization is seen in those discussions
  • Measuring communication’s influence: metrics for influential operations

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