Communication training

Nervous about appearing in front of the media? Could the whole management team benefit from presentation training? Are you hoping an unusual situation will never turn into a crisis, or do you have tried and trusted plans for communicating in such situations?

Media and presentation skills training

Working with the media demands insight and practice. Good media relations support your reputation in bad times and good. Our media training teaches you to understand how the media work. In the training sessions, interviewees and spokespeople find their strengths and learn how to summarize their messages. We help clients respond to difficult questions with messages that serve the media and their organizations and also steer a wayward conversation onto the right track.

In our presentation training we focus on message clarity, word choices and body language. Presenters learn how to use stories to support their speech in their own, natural ways. Our training sessions find the right means for influencing a range of audiences.

Crisis communication training

Crisis communication management is a true measure of the risk management capacity of the management and the entire organization. It’s always a question of reputation and the communications that build it. We train your preparedness for a crisis, coaching your organization to avoid threats to your reputation under sudden pressure. We always tailor each training session to resemble an authentic emergency for the organization, engaging the entire emergency communication or crisis communication group in the communication exercise. If necessary, our training sessions include video recording and interview exercises.

Communication training for top management and specialists

Communication training for top executives, management and specialists is aimed at strengthening personal brand, interactive skills and communication readiness. We discuss how leadership and delivery of strategy can and should take advantage of communication. We also delve into ways to make a direct impact on the culture and environment of the organization and build thought leadership outside it. The training sessions can be organized for just the management or for specialists.

Elevator speech training

A successful elevator speech almost always contains elements of storytelling. In our training sessions you hear how to use storytelling as a convincing device. As a result you learn to create a meaningful story. The training sessions include individual exercises.

Writing and social media training

Whether your goal is to grow from passive social media follower into an active conversation participant or develop as a thought leader in your field, we’re here to help. Our training sessions give you the methods and tools you need for targeted interaction, either as an organization or an individual. We provide templates for predictive, active content production and help you grow into an expert in your field.

Writing is a tool that parses thoughts and ideas. Many specialists realize this in our writing training sessions. Our participants forget their fear of blogging when they realize what the purpose of their posts and why searching for audiences for them on social media is important.

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