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Urbaser achieved its goals through determined communication

Environmental management company Urbaser Oy and Brunnen teamed up a couple of years back. A strong strategic partnership in communication and systematic brand visibility efforts have assisted Urbaser in achieving its revenue goals.

Urbaser Oy, one of the largest environmental management service providers in Finland, has pursued persistent efforts towards the company’s brand and visibility for a few years. The company switched names after a merger, which made it necessary to make the new brand known not just to clients and partners but also to staff.

Urbaser joined forces with Brunnen Communications to draw up new strategic guidelines for communication, identify its core message and come up with a slogan as well as to design concepts for marketing campaigns and the company’s personnel and client newsletters. Implementing the changes has been Brunnen’s responsibility.

“Our cooperation is based on a strong strategic partnership. Both parties do what they promise, and we bounce ideas of each other to achieve the best visibility and the biggest impact. As well as being very knowledgeable about the environment, Brunnen has also shown their ability to navigate tight deadlines and take charge when we ourselves are simply too busy. They have worked tirelessly to build our reputation and strengthen our brand, which has allowed us to hit our goals. Our relationship is getting deeper and deeper all the time,” says Urbaser’s Managing Director Jukka Koivisto.

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