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Brunnen receives two gold awards at Finnish Comms Awards

Two of our client cases were recognized as the best PR assignments of 2021 in Finland’s most important communications awards event. The highly qualified and diverse jury of 36 members evaluated not just the quality of communications planning but also focused on collaboration with the client.

Brunnen Communications won awards into two categories with strategic importance for the agency: crisis and emergency communication and corporate and organizational communication. Our clients, the leading European land-based wind turbine builder OX2 and Finland’s oldest natural zoo Ähtäri Zoo, have trusted us, for which we’d like to warmly thank them.

The assignments which received gold awards were entitled “Building a success factor for OX2 through dialogue” and “Solving the bear enclosure reputation crisis at Ähtäri Zoo”.

“We’ve managed to grow strongly in Finland and take projects of ours which had long been in the development phase forwards. In that, foresighted communication and actively focusing on local stakeholder cooperation was crucial,” says Teemu Loikkanen, Country Manager Finland and the Baltics at OX2.

“From the zoo’s perspective it was essential for our partner to bring its strong professional expertise to the zoo’s crisis communication. I’m very relieved that we didn’t try to get through that crisis with our own resources alone. The open, engaged communication we employed, which we developed in cooperation with the PR agency, turned out to be the right move,” says Marko Haapakoski, Curator at Ähtäri Zoo.

In addition to these winning assignments, we also reached the final with four other client assignments:

1. Public sector and non-governmental organizations: No to congestion charges! A core message designed to have an impact on justice for local residents — the KUUMA region of municipalities

2. Transport and logistics Stop congestion charges! Setting the public agenda through indirect influence — KUUMA region of municipalities.

3. Corporate social responsibility communication: Covid-19 caused a dog ownership boom, but a dog is not a toy — Finnish Kennel Club

4. Earned publicity and media relations: No to congestion charges! Using earned publicity as a favourable basis for legislative preparation — KUUMA region of municipalities

We believe in influential communication in which precise understanding of stakeholders leads to the most successful outcome for the client’s business. These awards prove that the value and significance of our work have been understood.

Brunnen is part of the PR Boutiques International (PRBI), a network of privately owned and managed agencies. PRBI has members around the world, from New Zealand to Italy and the Nordic countries. Brunnen is the only approved Finnish member of PRBI.

Taru Nikulainen

Taru Nikulainen

Taru lives and breathes strategies, influence, changes and crises. Being well seasoned in the communications field Taru manages to keep her head whilst many would already have their head spinning. She loves war history, the German language, literature, her two dachshunds and her family. In her free time Taru rides horses, plays tennis as well as goes skiing and running.

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