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Don’t kill Facebook!

Facebook has been a lot in the news lately and mainly in a negative way. The changes in the algorithm, fake news and the Cambridge Analytica scandal are all factors that have caused many to leave the social media giant.

Still, Facebook is by far the most influential and biggest social media tool and in addition its impact as a media is growing fast.

Even though Millennials may use Facebook less and critics are gaining momentum in other age groups as well, you should not dismiss Facebook as a way to reach your clients. News transform to reality slowly.

When choosing a platform, think of where your clients really are? Which channels do they use? Which tool has the best potential reach? Or how can you do digital marketing in a cost-efficient way? Who do you want to reach?

Most Finns use Facebook daily, around 80 percent, with 3 million users (12/2017). Facebook’s relevance in Finland has not really changed. Even most Millennials still use it.

Content is king

Creating meaningful content can be difficult sometimes, even more so because it should always give some added value to the reader. Many of us comms and marketing professionals think that it is tiring making new material daily. But since Facebook’s algorithm lowers organic reach significantly, you can always repost the same content. Although you should always tweak it a bit, but why not use the video you made with great effort a second time?

When creating content, keep in mind that Facebook and other social media channels are essential in employer branding, customer acquisition and gaining awareness. Social media is always a customer service tool and an easy one at that.

Put the focus on the right KPI’s

Companies need to see social media as a business strategy instrument and not just as an entertainment tool or a marketing tool. We know by now that we should start by defining a comms strategy and audiences. But this is just the start. Don’t lose sight on your strategy along the way.

Most companies have learned the need of measuring in communications too and defining KPI’s. But often they are not the right ones, or the most relevant ones. You should measure the change in actions and the return of invest (ROI). Think of what do the likes on your page mean? Did they become leads? Did your followers book an appointment, order a service, download your material or did they buy your product?

KPI’s fail when management is not committed to the process, or the results are only tied to personal bonuses, or the added value for the audience is lost. And finally, and most importantly, communication is not just for the comms team. It should be a part of every employees’ tasks and management should continuously lead by example.

Hanne Bergholm

Hanne Bergholm

Hanne is a passionate communications professional, enthusiastic about building better interaction skills and formulating messages that speak to different audiences.

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