Internal communications

An organization can’t keep its business strategy hidden under a bushel – it has to bring it to life every day. It’s also better to hear about an organization’s news via internal channels than in chance conversations in the hallway. Good internal communications also affect your bottom line.

All internal communications need is a good internal communication plan, vigorous content production and internal communication channels that suit the organization. Also, the effectiveness of the communications must be measured constantly. 

Developing internal communication can be difficult when you look at it too closely or from the wrong angle. We analyse your strengths and what is lagging behind. That way, open, reliable and current internal communications in your organization is more than just words – together, we make them come true. 

Communications belong to everyone

In our mission statement workshops we define matters that are considered necessary, such as sharing of responsibilities, assignment of roles, common behaviour rules, and scheduling, with a particular emphasis on communication. The concrete outcome of the workshop is a mission statement, or “words to live by”, to which the whole organization or group can commit. The mission statement workshop approaches a group discussion, but it is very focused on generating solutions and commitment. When roles, responsibilities and expectations are clear and everyone feels able to commit to them, everyday work becomes easier as if by magic.

Growing trust in employees’ opinions 

Employee ambassadorship is an untapped resource in many companies. Studies show that what employees have to say is trusted many times more than communications from upper management. This is because people expect upper management to always speak for the company. Employees, on the other hand, more often talk about their job and workplace as they see them. With our employee ambassador programme you can create a convincing, distinct way for your organization’s experts and managers to engage in dialogue. Our programme is tailored to fit your situation, whether you’re only thinking about activating ambassadorship or are already very advanced with it. And when your specialists are visible from outside, that’s naturally also reflected on the internal culture.

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Merja Karjanmaa

Merja Karjanmaa

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