There was a communications agency, with talented communications professionals. They often achieved great accomplishments, despite schedules and set goals being challenging at times.


One day those people stopped

They asked themselves how could they be better. They also questioned the usual ways of thinking that communications services commonly follow.

Something new was needed, something that clients couldn’t live without anymore. Ahead was the task to redevelop services. As a result, new skills, data and models were formed. The office then knew, that they had services to offer to their clients, which responded to the changes of the communications field and would assist in even the most difficult challenges. The new services correlate directly to the biggest challenges in the communications field: transparency, dialogue, content, sharing and measuring.


Our clients say

Into Seinäjoki

Into Seinäjoki has utilized Brunnen’s expertise for forming core messages to profile the Seinäjoki region nationwide, media communications arrangements and communications consulting among others. Cooperation with the energetic women of Brunnen is always delightfully easy-going, open and efficient. It’s great when someone questions your own ideas.

Sanna Männikkö
Marketing and Communications Manager

WSP Finland

When we began cooperation with communications consultants, our organization needed perspective on how to influence the correct media. Now we have gained a stable position in the forums, which we initially strived for. We expect our communications agency to learn new things quickly, provide a high level of service and a wide-ranging perspective. We have not been disappointed with Brunnen.

Kirsi Hautala
Managing Director

Paperinkeräys Oy

The change in our business strategy simultaneously meant that we needed to find the right communications partner. With Brunnen we have achieved to build a new kind of communications culture in our organization and we are committed to the annual objectives we clearly defined together. A strategic partner must be able to question the typically accustomed practices, and to support the management team in all areas of influence. Brunnen has succeeded in this.

Karel Nieminen
Director, Customer Relations


At the beginning of our co-operation our objective was clear. We wanted to Espotel to be more visible in the media as an expert, particularly regarding the industrial Internet. This meant media meetings, opinion articles and expert articles among others. In addition to this, together we built our marketing communications and gained consulting on how to utilize social media better. Co-operation with Brunnen has gone well and conversation has been close all the time.

Kari Liuska
Managing Director

Municipality of Tuusula

Forming three high schools under a single brand is a challenge. Under Brunnen’s leadership we succeeded in creating a sustainable direction for a high school branding project unique in Finland. The teachers and students were able to join the development process to produce new material and Brunnen managed to uphold belief even in the most difficult situations by managing everything smoothly and efficiently. Brunnen helped us to create a message, one that we like and which we believe in.

Esa Ukkola
Director for Educational and Cultural Services

Orkla Care

We have worked with Brunnen and collaborated for many fruitful years. We have for example, developed our core messages, coached our management team and our experts and not to forget carried out wide-ranging media communications. From the beginning Brunnen’s team has profoundly familiarized themselves with the challenging and ever-changing field of health products and embraced the values of our historical brands such as Möller, Nutrilett and Sana-sol in the way we had hoped.

Susanna Nikko
Communications Manager

Finnish Environmental Industries (YTP ry)

Finnish Environmental Industries (YTP ry) was founded at the end of 2012. Brunnen drew out a communications strategy, visual identity and website for the union in early 2013. Co-operation was smooth from the start, despite a very tight schedule. Brunnen’s team was committed and worked successfully. Prior knowledge of the business area was a great benefit for the progress and success of the project.

Raimo Kilpiäinen
Finnish Environmental Industries (YTP ry)

Alfa Laval Nordic Oy

Brunnen’s people have shown us how the joy of doing and high level professionalism belong in the same package. Brunnen has tirelessly worked to bring us to the forefront and strengthened our recognition in the field. They have also ensured the correct communication in different forums as well as coached our foreign colleagues on how to utilize influence correctly. With the help of Brunnen we have learned to identify the right places for influence.

Benny Lillqvist
Managing Director


We are familiar with Brunnen’s work from several years ago and now we know how to utilize them much more extensively than we used to. In addition to media communications Brunnen has a fresh approach to a variety of customer events, especially to the content. They have also drew up our social media strategy and taught us how to use the various channels as part of our everyday life. They work in our facilities on a regular basis and provide support for everyday communications challenges and the development of workplace communication.

Mika Nyholm
Managing Director

Innotiimi Oy

Finding the core message for more than 50 passionate and skilled consultants is challenging, but we succeeded together with Brunnen’s lead. Without it, we would not have been able to achieve impactful communications. Brunnen’s team has helped from the beginning with strategic confidence, adopting our specialized field easily and being able to blend into our world in the most accurate way. Our media cooperation has been fruitful and we have reached the goals that we wanted to achieve. And beyond!

Juha Kontiainen
Managing Director


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